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Chinese chef tearfully admits he can’t fry chicken

Internationally acclaimed five-star chef Wu Ting recently checked himself in for treatment following a nervous breakdown during which he declared himself a complete failure as a chef.

“I have tried my very best,” Wu said at a recent press conference. “I can cook a fantastic chicken cordon bleu, my salade nicoise is second to none, and people ask me for second and third helpings of my pomme frites. But with all my skills, I just cannot, no matter how I try, fry up an authentic-tasting batch of chiney chicken.”

“I’d like to thank my customers for their patience as they’ve tolerated my experiments. Based on suggestions received, I’ve tried soaking the chicken parts in pepper, I’ve tried to forgo washing the chicken, I’ve tried countless other methods of preparation. But I simply am not able to master this unique recipe, and the time has come for me to admit that to all of you.”

In response to a question from the audience, Wu Ting admitted that perhaps putting large metal grilles on the front of his restaurant, making customers wait outside on the sidewalk to be served, and serving the chicken in styrofoam might achieve the taste success that has eluded him thus far.


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